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“I chose LCCA for a personable hands-on experience. I prefer the small college life, and I love being in a small group of students, as no one gets overlooked. The guest speakers and networking opportunities have been the highlights. I have learned that fashion design is exactly what I want to do. From the basics of sewing to learning how to make patterns, I have been a very happy student here.”
Brittany Wolffe, BA Fashion Design.   

“LCCA is modern, demanding and fun. I chose LCCA because the materials and teachers gave me a great first impression and I wasn’t disappointed. The relationship between students, teachers and the whole LCCA team is very open and friendly. The atmosphere is great and everyone wants to help us get into the industry. LCCA has helped me discover a lot about myself and my personal style.”
Mariana Custodio, BA Fashion Design.

“By supporting exhibitions and guest speaker events, LCCA does a great job. I hope students will realise how great this opportunity is and make the most of it.”
Botond Bartha, HND Photography.

“I have enjoyed getting to know my tutors and learning from them. They have been great mentors. The lectures were very good and informative. Getting to know the various techniques of drawing systems was exciting and very interesting. One of my favourite memories at LCCA was a cubism drawing session with a rotating still life.”
Joseph Richard Bagnall, Foundation In Art & Design.

“It is a great course to develop knowledge and improve skills in graphic design. Experienced tutors are always helping students achieve their study goals and unlock their creativity and potential.”
Aurel Ficiu,  Graphic Design.

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