Zigurat is a global institute providing online education for architects, engineers, other construction sector professionals, owners and developers. We teach key skills professionals of the AECO industry and Zigurat has been successfully operating for more than 15 years.

It is headquartered in Barcelona, on the forefront of technological innovation for its constant realization in the building sector and has portfolio of online programs in four different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Our strategic plan is focused on the three key points: providing the best online education designed according to the needs of the industry, further developing of our training programs for the international market, and launching a strategy to help professionals to attain top job positions at a global level.

We intend to cover the gap in the existing market between the university and the company with training focused on results, career guidance and the execution of best practices in a competitive and collaborative environment. Our training program is an immersive experience, offering students the opportunity to create real projects in collaborative settings in order to achieve the highest profitability in terms of resources invested and return on investment achieved.

We are more aligned with all of the markets and new sources of employment opportunities than ever before. The industry requires programs increasingly focused on the international market. Globalization is minimizing local programs: as a consequence, professional relationships are becoming a true differentiator in more and more markets.

Historique des cours de Zigurat:

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