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Executive Specialized Master in Internal Control and Risk Management

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Commentaire sur Executive Specialized Master in Internal Control and Risk Management - Présentiel - 11ème - Popincourt - Paris

  • Pratiques
    The thesis is an applied research project in consultation with an academic advisor based on a professionally-oriented topic. It is a chance for the student to synthesise learned material through analysis of a particular corporate issue by using clear, detailed argumentation. The thesis marks the culmination of the degree and is orally presented to a committee at the end of the programme. It represents 30 of the total of 75 ECTS credits earned over the year.
  • Dirigé à
    Eligible applicants must hold a master’s-level academic or professional degree earned in fine arts, architecture, engineering, management, public administration, political science, or any other graduate-level degree. This requirement may be waived for applicants with non-traditional backgrounds and those who demonstrate exceptional qualities and skills. In accordance with standards set by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, such applicants must not exceed 30% of admitted students per year. The following degrees in these fields (engineering, management, medecine, architecture, humanities ....) are required for eligibility: - A "Grande Ecole" degree - A Master's degree - A Post-graduate degree - A Bachelor degree with 3 years of work experience - Other degree equivalent to the above
  • Diplôme
    Executive Specialized Master in Internal Control and Risk Management
  • Contenu
    Introductory seminar

        - Management, risk and internal control
        - Business ethics

    Study session abroad

        - The sociology of risk and internal control
        - Cultural aspects of internal control
        - Financial control on an international level

    The goals and obligations of internal control

         - Corporate governance and internal control
              - The role of corporate governance participants
              - Corporate governance requirements and best practices for internal control

        -  Reference systems for:
              - Internal control
              - Risk management

        - French laws and other regulations
              - The Sarbanes Oxley Law (SOX)
              - The financial security law (LSF)
              - Money laundering prevention measures

        - Company procedures for management-led internal control processes

            - Process modelling

            - Risk identification and assessment

            - Assessment of existing control procedures

             - How to improve risk management

            - Mapping risks and management tools

    Key actors, business partners and related resources

        - Key actors within the company

            - The risk manager

            - The internal auditor

            - The internal control manager

        - External resources and business partners

            - External auditors and accountants

            - Supervisory and protective structures

            - Other external resources

        -   Related fields and functions

            - Quality control

            - Management control

            - Other related fields

        - Tools and techniques

            Conducting an internal audit

            Risk management techniques

            Toolboxes and how and when to use them

    Internal control operations and communications

        - Risk management information and communication

            - Crisis management

            - Leading and coordinating internal control procedures: self-evaluation methods

        - Compliance

            - Fraud prevention and detection

            - Computer fraud

            - Other compliance issues

    Specific topics in internal control

        - Field-specific topics

            - Accounts and financial analysts

            -Information systems

        - Sector-specific topics

              - Banking

            - Public sector

            - Health and public welfare organisations

            -  Hospital administration

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