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Executive Specialized Master in Private Banking

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Commentaire sur Executive Specialized Master in Private Banking - Présentiel - 11ème - Popincourt - Paris

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    Eligible applicants must hold a master’s-level academic or professional degree earned in fine arts, architecture, engineering, management, public administration, political science, or any other graduate-level degree. This requirement may be waived for applicants with non-traditional backgrounds and those who demonstrate exceptional qualities and skills. In accordance with standards set by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, such applicants must not exceed 30% of admitted students per year. The following degrees in these fields (engineering, management, medecine, architecture, humanities ....) are required for eligibility: - A "Grande Ecole" degree - A Master's degree - A Post-graduate degree - A Bachelor degree with 3 years of work experience - Other degree equivalent to the above
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    Executive Specialized Master in Private Banking
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    Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field, the course incorporates material from the fields of finance, law and taxation in order to present a diverse range of financial planning and private banking products:

        - Private investment environment
        - Investment taxation
        - Holding practices for real estate and other assets 
        - International taxation
        - Asset management for family businesses
        - Strategic wealth assessment and management
        - Stock market portfolio investment management….


    Introduction to Private banking and financial planning/ Introduction to Wealth Management:

        - Private banking/estate and wealth management environment
        - Family Law
        - Individual and wealth taxes

    International Private banking and financial planning/International Aspects of Wealth Management:

        - International financial planning
        - International taxation
        - International Inheritance law

    Managing Private Wealth:

        - Wealth strategy in France
        - Tax Optimisation Strategies
        - Real Estate Law
        - Inheritance Law
        - Life insurance
        - Investment products linked to life insurance

    Managing Business-Investment Wealth:

        - Managing investments in a family business
        - Tax and legal strategies
        - Taxation and family businesses
        - Pensions and Salary Saving schemes

    Cases on specific issues:

        - Tax inspection
        - Works of Art and Estate Planning
        - Case studies

    Consulting and Marketing:

        - Client relationship management
        - Wealth management advice
        - Wealth management softwares
        - Ethics, compliance & regulatory

    Introduction to Finance:

        - Quantitative methods
        - Financial markets
        - Macro/International economics
        - Insurance industry

    Portfolio Assets Management:

        - Portfolio management
        - Technical Analysis & Portfolio game
        - Asset allocation

    Advanced Finance:

        - Alternative Investments
        - Structured products
        - Banking loans
        - Real Estate Investment Model (Robien Law)

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