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  • Objectifs
    "Fully in line with market demand and current management issues, EM LYON offers a unique International MBA programme entirely focused on transforming a select group of individuals to become entrepreneurial leaders worldwide. This intensive one-year programme is intentionally limited to a maximum of 50 participants endowed with entrepreneurial ambitions, who wish to acquire the competencies needed to become successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The programme’s value is derived from instructional methods that develop competencies through action as well as the participants’ backgrounds which combine into an unparalleled exciting and demanding learning experience. Extensive tailored courses and personalized coaching by specialized faculty play an important role in the quality and flexibility of the programme, accommodating individual needs. If you feel that entrepreneurial leadership is the key to your future success, take your destiny in your hands and join us for an unforgettable year of learning experiences.
  • Dirigé à
    Le candidat doit justifier d'une expérience professionnelle significative, être diplômé de l'enseignement supérieur ou équivalent pour les diplômes étrangers, et exercer une activité professionnelle pendant la formation.
  • Diplôme
    International MBA
  • Contenu
    The first trimester provides you with the core courses to advance on the project. Courses last 4 consecutive days, allowing you to concentrate on the project advancement and not juggling marketing,
    finance, management and HR
    in your head at the same time.

     The second trimester courses allow you to choose courses that focus on key aspects of entrepreneurial leadership.
    Whether your objective is to fill a gap or to deepen your understanding, you’ll have a wide choice of courses in Corporate Finance, Marketing, International Strategy and Innovation Management.

    The third trimester offers a catalogue of optional courses that have been chosen as a function of each group’s leader competence development needs.

    The Economic Environment for Opportunities
     Financial Accounting
    Fundamentals and Tools for Measuring/Managing Value
     Foundations of Strategic Thinking
    Managing Operations and Systems
    Managing People to Create Value
    Principles of Marketing Management
    Strategic Decision Making
    Management Seminars

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