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  • Objectifs
    The programme’s value is derived from instructional methods that develop competencies through action as well as the participants’ backgrounds which combine into an unparalleled exciting and demanding learning experience. Extensive tailored courses and personalized coaching by specialized faculty play an important role in the quality and flexibility of the programme, accommodating individual needs. If you feel that entrepreneurial leadership is the key to your future success, take your destiny in your hands and join us for an unforgettable year of learning experiences.
  • Dirigé à
    Candidates must already have work experience and hold a University degree (France-Bac + 4 or equivalent for non-French degrees). In exceptional circumstances, young graduates with strong entrepreneurial potential and an international profile may be admitted.
  • Diplôme
    International MBA
  • Contenu
    Courses that advance behaviours

     The entrepreneurial project, defined around your competency profile and your career goal, orients the courses you’ll be taking.

     The first trimester provides you with the core courses to advance on the project. Courses last 4 consecutive days, allowing you to concentrate on the project advancement and not juggling marketing,
    finance, management and HR in your head at the same time.

     The second trimester courses allow you to choose courses that focus on key aspects of entrepreneurial leadership.
    Whether your objective is to fill a gap or to deepen your understanding, you’ll have a wide choice of courses in Corporate Finance, Marketing, International Strategy and Innovation Management.

     The third trimester offers a catalogue of optional courses that have been chosen as a function of each group’s leader competence development needs.

    Interdisciplinary entrepreneurial courses and projects

    The one-year programme is divided into 8 key components across one year starting in September.

      Leadership Assessment
    The programme starts with an assessment of your entrepreneurial leadership competencies. This initial assessment will serve as a benchmark for progress and a source of feedback throughout the year. This assessment will also be used to select your Entrepreneurial Leadership Project (ELP) team, career goals, and elective courses. This approach has no parallel among MBA offers.

      Career POWER!
    This year-long series of seminars and events are a complete part of the MBA programme. They give you the means to identify your postgraduation career goals and prepare your job search with the backing of professors, human resources consultants, executive recruiters and EM LYON alumni network.

      The Entrepreneurial Leadership Project (ELP)
    The ELP starts soon after you enter the programme. Based on your competency profile, you will select a project and team that complement your learning needs. The projects are real! For eight to nine months, your team works with a profit or non-profit organization to address entrepreneurial and innovation issues. This is a unique opportunity that few MBA programmes can offer. A genuine challenge boosting your training.

      Core Courses
    Modularized core courses address key management issues. They are enriched by a series of specific seminars focused on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship that develop personal and team leadership skills including critical thinking, decision making, flexibility, open communication, and creative problem solving.
      Specialisation Courses
    Next, you will have the choice of entering a professional track, via specialization courses or selecting more general courses. (A list of Specialization Courses is available on www.em-lyon.com/imba).
    The third period offers you a wide range of electives to be selected in line with the competencies development needs identified during the entrepreneurial leadership assessment.

    During the third trimester or summer period, you can grasp the opportunity to participate in an international exchange with one of fifteen of our business school and university partners. Learning trips are organized during the year in dynamic business centers such as Istanbul, Brussels, and Milan.

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