Master in Aeronautical Engineering (Ingénierie aéronautique)

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Commentaire sur Master in Aeronautical Engineering (Ingénierie aéronautique) - Présentiel - Toulouse - Haute-Garonne

  • Objectifs
    The TAS Aero - Aeronautical Engineering Master degree program - is a one-year professional course of study. The TAS Aero Master allows students to develop a high level of competence in engineering science, current technology, engineering design and management of aeronautical systems. The TAS - Aero program is highly multidisciplinary and is aimed at developing engineering skills to easily enter the work world with great opportunities and significant chances of advancement on aeronautical projects, either in a research facility or in a company in a multinational environment. The program is specially designed for students starting immediately after the completion of their graduate degree and for industrial employees who have enrolled through their companies’ continuing education programs. The TAS Aero curriculum includes a broad spectrum of subjects with the following objectives: - to develop an integrated approach of the product design development, while acquiring necessary skills in the disciplines and techniques of the aeronautical sector, - to easily work on multidisciplinary projects in aeronautics with a very practical approach, - to develop skills in team building and team process at a multinational level, - to develop project-management and programmemanagement skills for international use, - to understand the global economic environment of the aeronautical sector.
  • Contenu
    Part 1 - Structures
    Structures standardisation, MATLAB standardisation,
    Aircraft Structures, Composites Standardisation
    Composites, Modeling for aeronautical structures,
    Materials for Aerospace structures, Computer Aided
    Design (CAD)

    Part 2 - Flight techniques
    Aircraft Techniques, Flight Dynamics 1 & 2,
    Helicopters, Control and avionics

    Part 3 - Aerodynamics and Propulsion
    Aerodynamics 1 & 2, Propulsion
    Crédits photos : © Dassault Aviation - K. Tokunaga,

    Part 4 - Aeronautical product design
    Aeronautical Engineering environnement, Mastery of
    Aeronautical Products, Integrated Team Project

    Part 5 - ISAE Information system user introduction

    Part 6 - Electives: one of out two to be chosen
    Advanced Structural Dynamics
    Propulsion 2

    Career opportunities
    More than 750 students from 55 countries have been trained over the last 25 years and now work as research engineers, designers and consultants, etc.

    Companies recruiting our students:
    Airbus, EADS, Dassault, CTA (Brazil), Hal (India), Chilean Air Force, Aeroconseil, Mig (Russia).

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