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    Master in International Management.
    • Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
    • Semester: 4, 6, 8
    • ECTS: 120 ECTS
    • Course language: English
    • Study type: full-time or part-time or Study & Work
    • Intake: Spring & Autumn
    • Campus: Berlin, Bad Honnef, Dublin


    Int. Management - your gateway to the (business) world

    Whether in a German company with international distribution centres or in the European section of an Asian group of companies – with a Master's degree in International Management you are not only a part of the management, you are also a part of global, intercultural processes.

    The International Management master degree programme opens up a wide range of opportunities for you. Prepare yourself for attractive responsibilities in the global economy.

    Facts & Figures
    International Management
    Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
    Type of study: full-time or part-time*
    Study model: on Campus or Study & Work*

    4 or 6 semesters (full-time)
    8 semesters (part-time*)
    6 semesters (Study & Work*)
    Credits: 120 ECTS
    Language: English
    Study abroad
    Campus: Bad Honnef, Berlin, Dublin
    Intake: Spring & Autumn
    *only at campus Dublin, starting autumn 2018

    Leverage the Study&Work advantage

    On selected master programmes you have the chance to take part in our Study&Work Programme in Dublin. Within this programme you combine practice-oriented coursework with practical experience on the job. We actively support you in finding an employer to help you gain hands-on experience during your studies. Study at IU in Dublin and finance your tuition fee up to 100% by working for one of our partners. Check out our study courses and campus locations!

    Multi Campus

    One study programme, three cities, countless experiences

    In selected master programmes IU offers you the chance to switch during your studies between the German and Irish campus locations Dublin, Berlin and Bad Honnef.

    Your advantages

        Gain priceless experiences abroad
        Expand your network with international contacts
        No additional fees
        A switch is possible every semester (at the end of each semester)


        You are a full-time student
        Your study programme is offered at your preferred campus location

    Why should I study International Management at IU?

        International campus with students and professors from more than 85 nations
        Practical orientation
        High degree of practical relevance through guest speakers, company presentations, corporate projects and field trips
        Lectures in English and intensive exchanges with professors and fellow students
        Top-class network of industry contacts for careers at home and abroad
        Small groups
        Instruction in small groups given by lecturers with track records of practical experience
        You may choose from different specialisations
        Unique study programme with a high rate of recognition in the industry
        Academic knowledge is consistently taught in case studies, project work and applied research projects

    Set your personal focus

    During your studies, you can chose one of the following specialisations:

        Aviation 1,2
        Finance & Accounting 1,2,3
        Hospitality 1,2,3
        Health Care 1,2
        IT Management 1,2,3
        Marketing 1,2,3
        Human Resources 1,2
        Logistics & Transport 1
        Engineering Management 1
        Big Data Management 1,3

    1 Bad Honnef 2 Berlin 3 Dublin

    What are the professional prospects in International Management?

    The Master in International Management opens up many opportunities. The world of business is at your feet – whether you want to work in banks, management consultancies, major groups or small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Once you have graduated, you will in future be able to work in top management positions in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Financing and Controlling or also in Human Resource, Customer Service and Public Relations. Complete your Master at the IU and qualify yourself for attractive jobs in the globalised business world

    Course content:

    The Master's programme in International Management will train you to become an executive with management functions in four semesters – ideal preparation for your career:

    •     Your studies in International Management will be as practice-oriented as possible
    •     You will expand your knowledge in the important fundamentals of business administration
    •     You will train your soft skills, such as communication or intercultural competence

    Order of study

    1st Semester

        Service Operations Management
        Performance Measurement & Management
        International Business Ethics
        International Corporate Governance

        International Economic Policy
        Advanced Research Methods
        Applied Statistics
        Language Course I

    2nd  Semester

        International Negotiation Skills
        Language Course II

        Elective Courses:
        International Organisational Behaviour

        Advanced International Human Resources
        International Management Accounting & Control
        International Financial Accounting
        International Marketing
        International Financial Management

    3rd Semester

        Strategic Service Management

        Human Resources
        Accounting & Finance
        Engineering Management

        Health Care*
        IT Management*
        Logistics & Transport
        Big Data Management

    4th Semester

    Master Thesis & Colloquium

    Step-by-step to your Master's degree in International Management

        First semester

        In the first semester you will update and expand your technical competence in subjects of "General Management".

        Second semester

        The choice is yours: Under the technical supervision of your lecturers, you can choose four out of six possible areas of focus and thus define a first cornerstone of your personal competence profile.
        International Organizational Behavior
        Internal Human Resource Management
        International Management Accouting and Control
        International Marketing
        International Financial Management
        International Financial Accounting

        Third semester

        The third semester is for expanding your specialisation in important areas of management:
        International Marketing
        Hospitality Management
        Aviation Management
        Human Resource Management
        Accounting & Finance
        Health Care
        IT Management
        Transport & Logistics Management
        Engineering Management
        Big Data Management

        Fourth semester

        In this semester you complete your studies by writing your Master's thesis. The thesis is written under the expert supervision of professors and lecturers as an independent scientific paper for solving a management task.

    Academic and practically-oriented modules

        Compulsory Modules
    •     Academic research methods
    •     Applied statistics
    •     Strategic aspects of service management
    •     Performance measurement and management
    •     International economic policy
    •     International business ethics
    •     Corporate governance in an international context
    •     You can also significantly improve your career prospects with various language courses – e.g. with commercial English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or Russian.

        Optional compulsory modules (4 out of 6)
    •     International Organizational Behavior
    •     Internal Human Resource Management
    •     International Management Accouting and Control
    •     International Marketing
    •     International Financial Management
    •     International Financial Accounting

        Your major specialisation
    •     (choose one out of ten)
    •     International Marketing
    •     Engineering Management
    •     Logistics & Transport
    •     Big Data Management
    •     Hospitality Management
    •     Aviation Management
    •     Human Resource Management
    •     Accounting & Finance
    •     Healt Care
    •     IT Management

    Admission Requirements:

    Prerequisites for admission to the Master International Management programme:

          Master Int. Management · 120 ECTS      

    Preliminary studies: Bachelor´s degree  (180 ECTS)      
    Final grade: Minimum grade point average of 3.0 according to the German grading system
    Language skills: English, academic IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL IBT 80 points/ PTE 56 points (51 points in each component)

    Work & residence visa for the EU:

    Germany has a strong economy and – due to demographic shifts – a shrinking workforce. The German government has opened a route to the country for highly qualified immigrants: every graduate of a German university is entitled to receive a work and residence VISA for the entire EU after three years of successfully working full-time in Germany.

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