Master in System Engineering (Ingénierie Système)

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Commentaire sur Master in System Engineering (Ingénierie Système) - Présentiel - Toulouse - Haute-Garonne

  • Objectifs
    Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering integrating all disciplines and technologies into integrated team from development, to design, up to operation and disposal of competitive and complex systems. Systems Engineering approach is the capacity to federate and control various, interweaving and complementary engineering activities. This approach goal is to deliver satisfying systems, on-time, within expecting budget, with the level of quality and performances meeting requirements of an open an competitive market. System Engineering Process implements technical processes (requirement engineering, design, integration, verification, validation, etc.) as well as project management processes, agreement processes and enterprise processes. The Systems Engineering Master degree program is a one-year professional course of study, designed in partnership with the industry. This program aims at providing worldwide industry with skilled professionals in System Engineering able to specify, design, deploy and maintain competitive and complex systems, fit to purpose, in various industrial sectors: space, aeronautics, air traffic control, land transport systems, maritime transport, health industry, energy, communication systems, etc.
  • Pratiques
    4-5 months of internship
  • Contenu
    The one-year course is split into 2 semesters in ISAE premises - lectures, integrated team project, etc. - and 4-5 months of internship.

    First semester: academic session of around 440h,
    provided by ISAE’s permanent professors and experts
    from industry bringing current knowledge and
    experience, including: Lectures, tutorials, industrial
    study cases. And 130h devoted to the Integrated
    Team Project run all along the semester.

    Second semester: students conduct a professional
    thesis within an aeronautical industry or organisation,
    in France or abroad and supervised by a tutor from
    the host organisation and from ISAE. The thesis is
    concluded by the preparation of a report and an oral
    dissertation in front of jury.

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