MSc in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering

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Commentaire sur MSc in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering - Présentiel - Brest - Finistère

  • Objectifs
    The goal of this M.Sc degree is to provide a postgraduate research program focusing on the physical and processing aspects of communication technologies. It offers a broad choice of topics including design of communication systems, complex integrated circuits targeting communications, presentation of optical communications, or mobile digital communications. This Master opens the way towards PhD studies in internationally recognized research laboratories.
  • Dirigé à
    This programme is aimed at graduates with a Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree obtained after 4 years’ higher education in one of the domains taught at TELECOM Bretagne. This programme is for high-level international students.
  • Diplôme
    MSc in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering
  • Contenu
    First semester: Core courses
    in English
    n Signal processing
    n Components
    n Computer Science
    n Networks
    n Mathematics
    n Intensive French language courses
    Second semester
    Choice of two topics among
    n Statistical Signal Processing and
    Digital Communications
    – Stochastic processes, statistical
    signal theory, digital
    communications, speech and
    image processing, mobile
    n Electronics, Microwave and Optics
    – Components for electronics,
    Analog IC design, Optical devices,
    Digital Electronic, Communication
    system design, Architecture of
    electronic systems
    n Telecommunication networks
    – Telecommunication networks,
    IP network, Mobile networks
    Lectures are partially taught in
    Third semester
    Courses are totally run in French
    Choice of five specialized fields:
    n Signal, Telecommunication and
    Image Processing
    – Detection-estimation, Markov-
    Kalman, optimization, fusion and
    classification, image processing,
    pattern recognition, spectrum
    analysis and wavelets, Digital
    communications and coding,
    array processing, speech
    n Microtechnology, architecture
    and Integrated circuits for
    – Electronic technology,
    Optimization and Circuit design,
    Constraints, Digital architecture,
    Algorithms and languages
    n Signal processing and circuit design
    – Models, detection and estimation,
    Integrated circuit electronics,
    digital communications and
    equalization, non-stationary signal
    analysis, image processing and
    pattern recognition, computer
    science applied to signal
    n Photonics and optical
    – Optical communication system,
    nanostructures, integrated optics
    and nonlinear optics, optical
    spatial processing, architecture for
    optical communications
    n Materials and microwave devices
    – Architecture of telecommunication
    systems, passive and active
    devices, materials for microwave
    systems, electromagnetic models,
    electromagnetic compatibility,
    Fourth Semester
    This semester is spent performing
    a research project in an industrial
    or university R&D laboratory

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