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BiTS - University of Business Leadership.

Grow personally. Lead successfully: BiTS is where innovation is complemented with practical approach on an international level. Our purpose it to train the next generation of leaders for the requirements of a globalized and digitalized business environment. We believe that a successful career goes hand in hand with a well-rounded personal development. As a private, state-accredited university of applied sciences, BiTS offers integral international degree courses in management, business psychology and media on its campus in Berlin and is part of the worlds largest education network, Laureate International Universities.

BiTS offers individual, tailor-made programs that support your personal growth. Three master programs Corporate Management (M.Sc.), Entrepreneurial Economics (M.Sc.),  International Sport & Event Management (M.A.), as well as the bachelor program Business & Management Studies (B.Sc.) are offered completely in the English language.

Ultimately, our aim is not only to educate you, but to also give you the opportunity and scope to develop a strong personality. To achieve this, we follow four principles in everything we do: the command of trust, the experience of success, practical learning, and thinking along international lines. In addition to well-known scientists, many famous personalities from a variety of industries teach at BiTS. The university has close ties with business, and a lively exchange of information takes place. BiTS offers an informal environment in which you can study and perform to your best.

Visit our campus and find out more! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Historique des cours de BiTS - University of Business Leadership:

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