Ferrari Academy.

Not just a School but an actual “fashion company” that forges the future professionals of the Fashion world.

The fashion world is in a constant evolution and change, and it’s always looking for youngsters who have achieved, during their educational path, not only high level technical skills and techniques, but also an approach and a work method that is closer to the world of work and companies.

The learning speed and the quality of our courses are guaranteed by many factors:

  • Individual disposition classes: the teacher individually follows each student by fully respecting his/her creativity and personal taste.
  • Custom study plans: Depending on the knowledge level of the student it’s possible to set up, after an interview with the teacher, a “custom” study plan.
  • Teachers board: selected among the best professionals in the industry, who want to share their experience and professionalism, by giving our students the “knowledge” and the “know-how”.
  • Periodic tests and exams: to evaluate the improvements of the student and promptly act in case of issues or backlogs about the study plan.
  • Educational Material: cutting edges and provided with complete and constantly up-to-date contents, following the latest international trends and methods.
  • Teamwork: to develop good relation skills and offer interesting opportunities to deal with professional figures of the industry.
  • Classrooms: the classrooms are equipped with modern and professional tools, which allow the students to make use of the same equipment they will find in the world of work in future.
  • Opportunity to join workshops, seminars and contests: all of our students have the opportunity to access in-depth analysis or specializations, and work in close contact with professional people of the industry.


The educational material composed of textbooks, templates and squares, is provided to our students for free. The contents are complete and always up-to-date, by following the latest international trends and methods.

Moreover, we give all our students the possibility to access the school’s Library, where they can consult books and material, in order to develop several projects during the year.

For this reason, “we’ve thought about a completely new way to educate, different from the typical criteria. Our students get find themselves, snce the very first day, in a dynamic and multifunctional environment where there are no classrooms, tables, professors etc… but just an environment conceived as a proper Fashion Company: the style office, where creatives and designers work in a team to develop and design constantly new and innovative ideas; the modeling and tailoring lab, where patient and expert hands concept and create the pattern books for collections designed by our stylists; the final fashion show and the photo set where our photographers, along with a professional team (composed of make-up artists, hair stylists, models and agencies etc…), can actually make photo shootings for whole collections.

All the projects, the labs and the partnerships we often set up with companies of the fashion industry, are coordinated and managed by our teachers as Senior Art Directors, along with Model-makers and Première Designers, Managers or professional Photographers who want to share their experience with our young students, giving them the opportunity to work and achieve some experience as a real, actual, company stage.
We do really think that, now more than ever, youngsters need to be guided in an educational path that not only lets them develop their own creativity and technical skills, but forges the professional figure under a point of view of its character, education, methods, organization, in order to get good relation and problem solving skills. Working in a team, respecting the deadlines and the tasks received, and knowing how to argue and illustrate their own work professionally, showing maturity, culture and a deep knowledge of the fashion industry, make our students, at the end of the educational path, ready for the world or work…”

Silvia Ferrari – School Director

Internship, stage and placement.

Ferrari Academy is rooted in the productive ground of the Region of Lombardy, so many brands and companies refers to us when looking for students for internships for many different jobs in the fashion field.

The Placement Office is in charge for keeping all the contacts and relationships with the HR Department in the collaborating companies in order to provide our students with a real help in creating chances for collaboration with important realities, chances for professional growth and career.

Historique des cours de Ferrari Academy:

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