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    What subjects are you going to study?

    Business management fundamentals

    The programme begins with a block of compulsory subjects which provides students with a conceptual base for managerial action and which is in line with EOI principles and values. These values are considered essential for a competitive global environment and for business success.

    • Global entrepreneurship
      This course examines the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs in a global context, particularly in emerging markets. Students will learn to analyze opportunities, evaluate new ideas, explore the sources of finance, produce business plans and how to implement them. In addition to discussing the range of global entrepreneurial situations, student groups pick one particular market opportunity on which to focus, develop and present a business plan.
    • Final project

      As part of a team, the student will work collaboratively identifying and developing a business idea, completing different phases required to put together a full business plan to present in June to an international panel.

      Students will be assessed based upon the teams results, his personal involvement and knowledge of the project.

      Also presentations skills will be evaluated.
    • Competitive & corporate strategy

      This course explores the formulation and analysis of business strategy. Business strategy is the set of objectives and policies that collectively determine how a business positions itself to increase its returns and create economic value for its owners and stakeholders.
      This course will explore analytical techniques for diagnosing the competitive position of a business: evaluating business strategies and identifying and analyzing specific business options. These concepts will help the student to design an effective an comprehensive business strategy, but perhaps more importantly the course aims to instill a strategic mindset.
    • Marketing management
    The course prepares students to identify, analyze, and resolve strategic international marketing problems. Students will have to formulate, implement, and evaluate international marketing strategies at the level of the business unit for international market entry, expansion, and global rationalization. Specific topics range from the effect of culture on the decision to standardize or adapt marketing programs, to international branding, communication, distribution, and pricing issues, to analyzing organizational structures for international marketing effectiveness.
    • Strategic alliances

    • Business innovation and sustainability
      This module prepares students for developing a managerial mentality familiar with innovation and sustainability as key elements for improving business competitiveness. An innovative outlook is encouraged with a view to educate professionals able to identify and develop new opportunities and to respond in a rapid manner to the changing needs of clients. A commitment to sustainability as a key tool for enhancing and improving the corporate business reputations.

    • Advanced innovation

    Global economy
    • Global economics environment

    • Emerging markets

    • Operations management

    • Project management

    • Quality management

    • Information technology & business organization

    • Business planning & controlling

    • Financial management

    • Corporate finance

    • Business law & taxation

    People management
    • Management skills
      This module addresses the student's personal and professional development. The emphasis is 100% practical in acquiring the different managerial skills required to address the challenges currently facing executive management. Content includes professional skills such as personal communications, time management, effective presentations, negotiation, leadership and team motivation.
    • Human resource management in a global context
      The course is focused on design and execution of human resource management in a global context. It is structured around two central issues: how to think systematically and strategically about aspects of managing the organization's human assets, and what really needs to be done to implement these policies and to achieve competitive advantage.

      The student is required to adopt the perspective of a general manager and to provide instruments to manage human resources from a strategic perspective (including reward systems, performance management, high performance human resource systems, training and development, recruitment, retention, equal employment opportunity laws, work-force diversity, and union management relationships).
    Business roles and simulations
    • Business game

    International interim
    • Study abroad I Buenos Aires
      Students will participate in a two-week international experience where the group will attend classes at our prestigious partner institutions in Buenos Aires.
    • Study abroad II Shanghai

    Schedule: Oct 2012 to Jul 2013
    Place: Madrid
    Price: €19.500
    Dedication: Full Time
    Length: 780 hours

    You can access the master degree if...
    • A graduate or a young professional who wish to pursue a career in a global business context and seek to sharpen their management and  entrepeneurship skills.
    •  A degree holder
    • A professional who has not more than three years of experience.
    • Fluent in English (we also recommend a basic knowledge of Spanish)
    To be admitted you must...
    • 1 Request admission
    • 2 Doing the entrance tests
    • 3 Reserving the place
    • 4 Confirming the place is reserved
    • 5 Matriculating

    First you need to give the Admissions department the correctly-completed application form for admission indicating the chosen date to do the entrance tests.

    Download the form in pdf format
    Complete the application form on-line

    You can also request the application form for admission in person at any of the EOI Spain’s School for Industrial Organisation headquarters.

    The documentation required to participate in the admissions process must be delivered in person to the Madrid or Seville headquarters or sent by post or e-mail prior to doing the entrance test.

    The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:
    • University degree certificate
    • Photocopy of national identity card or passport
    • Two passport-size colour photographs
    • Language Certificates or Degrees
    • Updated CV
    • Any additional documentation you wish to provide

    Upon receipt of the application for admission, the Admissions Department will contact you to confirm receipt of the printed or on-line application form and arrange a date for you to do the entrance tests. In the event that candidates have not selected a date to do the test or there are no spaces left on the selected date, they will be requested to complete the test on the next date with free spaces.

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