EOI, Inspiring futures
for a new generation of leaders

Our experience has made us a benchmark in postgraduate education and our commitment and vision make us a key school for educating future generations of managers and leaders: who will have to lead companies in a more social, sustainable and digital world.

To constantly evolve and adapt to this new changing society, EOI bases its training offering on four basic core themes. Our aim is for the professionals we train to be able, after studying at our school, to conduct business practices and carry out projects based on these four principles. Because we believe these are fundamental keys to understanding contemporary society. Sustainability as a business practice that develops the environmentally-friendly economy. New technologies as a source of global exchange and knowledge enrichment. Entrepreneurship as an engine of economic development that gives value to creative ideas. And finally the development of a global economy in an international environment that is increasingly interconnected.

EOI are the
  • 1st business school founded in Spain: 1955
  • 1st Spanish institution focusing in environmental education courses: 1976
  • 1st Spanish business school in Latin America: 1992
  • 1st Spanish business school with online education: 1997

Historique des cours de EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial:

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