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Part-Time MBA with Specialties (Madrid)

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    What subjects are you going to study?

    Environmental analysis and business management fundamentals
    Innovation management
    Entrepreneurship in the global economy
    Developing management skills
    Project management
    Systems for quality management, the environment and risk prevention
    Legal and tax environment
    Sales and Marketing Management
    Managing people in organisations
    Technology and business behaviour and information systems for management
    Financial Management
    Management Control
    Operations Management
    Competitive and corporate
    Corporate finance
    Business game
    Business intelligence

    We have a unique method of learning that combines theory and practice, which is dynamic, rich in experiences and aimed at putting the knowledge gained immediately into action in the subsequent job performance. Remember: learning by doing is one of our maxims.

    The vast majority of areas are addressed from multiple perspectives: case studies, technical notes, master classes, lectures, presentations, and so on. This provides a solid conceptual base focused on enhancing this knowledge through a practical and professional approach.

    Methodology focused on:

    Mobile learning philosophy is about integrating the possibilities offered by a mobile terminal to follow an open and networked education...

    Business projects
    Closely linked to learning by doing, we believe that an independent project in which you can apply the various points learned is a good learning model...

    Design thinking
    Practice improves, based on repetition, our actions and knowledge, and we train for real situations that will happen in the future...

    Outdoor training
    Our school concept is a global concept, so we want to go beyond what is usually understood by academic. The experience of studying with us is not only in lecture rooms...

    Study trip
    They say that a trip can change your life. And we want to offer you the opportunity to live an enriching and formative experience both on a professional as well as a personal level...

    Work-study programs
    Once the master has been completed, the training received in our teaching programme is complemented by carrying out work experience at a company...

    Open digital tools
    Digital tools promote a more open school and allow us to extend the classroom into an expanded learning model: the classroom is only the beginning...

    Open activities
    Our commitment to open knowledge also involves our activities: an open school, with lecture rooms, activities and open areas...

    Schedule: Oct 2011 to Dec 2012
    Place: Madrid
    Price: €18,830
    Dedication: Part Time
    Length: 800 hours (80 credits)

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