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Commentaire sur ROUEN NORMANDY MBA - Présentiel - Haute Normandie - France

  • Objectifs
    Objectives The principal objectives of this programme are to provide organisations with effective global managers, who by the end of the program, will have developed: - The ability to identify, analyse and deliver on complex management scenarios in a dynamic global environment, - The confidence to make strategic management decisions which have a critical impact on a global scale, - The capability to initiate and manage organisational change, - A pro-active and enthusiastic leadership style.
  • Dirigé à
    Open to university graduates with a minimum of 3 years’ experience
  • Diplôme
  • Contenu

    Virtual Campus

    Participants benefit from a high-level e-learning platform with over 250 on-line management training programmes (in both English and French) covering a wide range of management themes (managerial techniques, behavior and fundamental courses). Once they are offi cially registered at Rouen, participants can even update their managerial skills before coming to Rouen.

    From November to July

    - Entrepreneurial Business Project
    - Access to a wide range of supplementary learning-based-modules
    - Career Placement services
    - Intensive French language instruction for non-french speakers

        1. Orientation Seminar
        2. Developing the Business: Fundamentals
        3. Developing the Business: Design and Creativity
        4. Developing the Business: Confronting Reality
        5. Making the Transition: Acquiring Managerial Tools
        6. Advanced Marketing Management Systems
        7. Advanced Organisational Systems
        8. Advanced Financial Skills
        9. Becoming More Effective Global Managers
       10. Capstone Seminar

    Customising the MBA experience

         International MBA Exchange
         Entrepreneurial Project
         Consulting Project
         Internship Experience in France for International Students

Autre formation en rapport avec Marketing

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