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Specialized Master in Management for the Publishing Industry

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Commentaire sur Specialized Master in Management for the Publishing Industry - Présentiel - 11ème - Popincourt - Paris

  • Objectifs
    The programme’s objective is to prepare participants for career paths in book publishing, as well as in the print media and audiovisual media industries. This full-time programme lasts 12 months. It starts in September of every year and is organized in the following way: - 6 months of full-time coursework - end of September until the end of March - A company placement of at least 4 months starting in April - An international seminar lasting between one and two weeks - A professional thesis
  • Dirigé à
    Eligible applicants must hold a master's degree (research or professional) in fine arts, architecture, engineering, management, public administration, political science, humanities or in any other field. This requirement may be waived for applicants with non-traditional backgrounds and those who demonstrate exceptional qualities and skills. In accordance with standards set by the French “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, such applicants must not exceed 30% of admitted students per year. The following degrees are required for eligibility (in fields such as engineering, management, medecine, architecture, humanities ... ): - A "Grande Ecole" degree - A Master's degree (five years of study) - A Post-graduate degree (over 5 years) - A Bachelor degree with 3 years of work experience - Other degree equivalent to the above (please consult us)
  • Diplôme
    Specialized Master in Management for the Publishing Industry
  • Contenu
    Course modules

    Courses are taught by ESCP-EAP permanent faculty and publishing industry professionals. Their respective expertise complements the conceptual approaches of courses which cover:

        - Editorial management
        - Corporate management for publishing companies
        - Publishing law and finance
        - Book marketing and sales
        - Production techniques, Editing techniques
        - International products and markets
        - IT for publishing
        - The publishing environment
        - Publishing strategies
        - Etc.


    Module 1: Publishing Management
    Pr. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau, Ph.D. Law

        - Editorial Management
        - Organization and management of an editorial project
        - Operational/Production Management

    Module 2: Management of Publishing Companies
    Pr. Carole Bonnier, Ph.D. Management

        - The Management of a Publishing company
        - Accounting and Budgetary Management of projects

    Module 3: Law and Economics in the Publishing sector
    Pr. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau, Ph.D. Law

        -Literary and artistic property rights
        - Criminal law in Publishing
        - Taxation in Publishing
        - Employment Law
        - Economics in the Publishing field

    Module 4: Marketing and commercialization of books
    Pr. Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes, Ph.D. Management (HEC), ESCP graduate

        - Marketing
        - Practical Marketing
        - Commercialization

    Module 5: Realisation Techniques
    Jacqueline Pieters, Production Manager-Advisor

        - The production Chain
        - Mock up

    Module 6: Publishing techniques
    Hélène Plaziat, Consultant-Advisor in Publishing Techniques

        - Copy preparation

    Module 7: Products and international markets
    Catherine Mc Millan, Specialist in Publishing (in English)

        - Spanish and South-American Publishing
        - German Publishing
        - Publishing in English-speaking countries
        - African Publishing
        - Co-Publishing
        - English contracts
        - The Publishing sector: the French market

    Module 8: I.T. in Publishing
    Philippe Marchand, Packager (pre-press – PAO)

        - Numeric Pre-press
        - Professional software
        - Multi-support Publishing

    Module 9: The Publishing Environment
    Christine Parise, Asfored programmes director

        - Issues and perspectives in Publishing
        - Social Environment
        - Image in publishing projects

    Module 10: Publishing Policies
    Pr. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau, Ph.D. Law
    Christine Parise, Asfored programmes director

        - Series of conferences animated by professionals from sectors of the Publishing field
        - Visits of sites: distribution centre, industrial premises of book impression and design, photo agencies
        - Integration seminar: the book village (‘le village du livre’)


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