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Toulouse Business School Management Consulting MBA program.

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Commentaire sur Toulouse Business School Management Consulting MBA program. - Présentiel - Toulouse - Haute-Garonne

  • Objectifs
    - Acquire a solid knowledge of the management consulting sector in France, Europe and worldwide - Develop the behaviour and attitudes relevant to the specificities of the client-consultant relationship, running a consultancy project and piloting change - Build up operational know-how of the procedures, methodologies and techniques used in consultancy - Learn about the factors key to creating, managing and developing a successful consultancy business unit or firm and their relevance
  • Pratiques
    The full time 4-month corporate mission in a recognised firm offers participants the chance to put theory into practice by actively working in the industry. After 8 months of study, they are ready to offer their assistance and consulting skills. Alternatively, these 4 months could be spent carrying out research at CERMAS (Center for Research and Management in Aeronautics and Space) on a topic related to the concepts developed during stages 2 and 3. The aerospace research center of the Toulouse Business School has close links with the aerospace MBA. Not only does it offer students the possibility to actively contribute to consultancy projects but it also develops process-oriented case studies for use in the program.
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    The Toulouse Business School welcomed the first group of participants in the Management Consulting MBA in September 2006 and the second group in September 2007. 35% of them have executive experience in big international groups and wish to set up their own management consultancy business or join an existing one. 65% are already working for a management consultancy and wish to consolidate their consultancy skills. The average age is 40 and the average length of experience 15 years.
  • Diplôme
    Toulouse Business School Management Consulting MBA program.
  • Contenu

    The beginning of the program is a crucial moment during which first contact is made and first experiences exchanged. The program thus begins with a phase of Team Building so as to launch the class and develop work groups.

    During this first week, the students will go through a personality assessment (INSIGHT).

    The implementation of individual coaching is one of the specific characteristics of this program. This element is very important, particularly for those participants who wish to found their own consulting firms. The first week will be the moment to meet your coach and to define with them your professional project and the follow-up actions that will be carried out during the training period


    The following 6 areas are part of the major management consulting instructional areas, just as they can be found at the centre of more general MBA programs:

    - Macro economics and geopolitics

    - Strategy

    - Marketing and Sales

    - Finance and Financial auditing,

    - Human Resources,

    - Operational management and Information systems

    The specific nature of the program is that each module is treated in three phases :

    - overall view of the subjects and current situation,

    - in-depth analysis using case studies,

    - application to management consultancies.


    In this sequence particular accent is being placed on interdisciplinary transversality. The objective of these workshops is to develop skills for the consulting profession through the sharing of the experiences of each participant and combining this with the know-how contained in the core modules. The themes listed below have been selected as being important factors of consulting actions. These themes will each be treated in the form of 24 hour long seminars taught by consulting professionals with experience in the area.

    - Ethical Management, social responsibility and sustainable development,

    - International project management,

    - Knowledge Management and strategic skills,

    - Business Process Outsourcing,

    - Mergers, acquisitions, alliances, buy outs,

    - Business Process Reengineering and managing change,

    - Cultural transformations,

    - Management of a Business Unit.

    The objective of this session is to develop consultancy expertise applied to a particular sector. Participants will have to choose 5 optional modules out of the 10 offered.

    The 4th sequence in the program highlights skills in the sector by proposing activities centered on the issues in the field that are the most frequently the object of consulting[1]:

    The profession electives:

    1. Banks and insurance et Assurance

    5. High-Tech / Telecommunications / S.S.I.I.

    2. Public sector

    6. Transports / Logistics

    3. Production industries de transformation

    7. Health and the pharmaceutical industry

    4. Energy

    8. Distribution / International Trade

    These sectors, though generally maintained, may be changed should certain evolutions in the market or in the field of consulting arise.

    Additional electives are centered on the specificities of the two types of activities in the profession of consultant:

    9. The profession of in-house consultant for a business, consultant for a network or a business group

    10. The profession of free-lance consultant (self employed status) or founder of a company

    This session takes place throughout the whole course, using two complementary approaches:

    - A real consultancy issue in a company addressed by a team of participants

    - A period of work experience overseen by a tutor

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