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Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication

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Commentaire sur Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication - Présentiel - 11ème - Popincourt - Paris

  • Objectifs
    The objective is to ensure that students master the full range of marketing and communication tools, and develop specific managerial skills to meet today’s corporate needs in highly competitive and international markets. This full-time programme extends to 12 months. It starts in September each year and is organised as follows: - 6 months of full-time coursework - end of September until the end of March - A company placement of at least 4 months starting in April - An international seminar lasting between one and two weeks - A professional thesis
  • Dirigé à
    Eligible applicants must hold a master's degree (research or professional) in fine arts, architecture, engineering, management, public administration, political science, humanities or in any other field. This requirement may be waived for applicants with non-traditional backgrounds and those who demonstrate exceptional qualities and skills. In accordance with standards set by the French “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, such applicants must not exceed 30% of admitted students per year. The following degrees are required for eligibility (in fields such as engineering, management, medecine, architecture, humanities ... ): - A "Grande Ecole" degree - A Master's degree (five years of study) - A Post-graduate degree (over 5 years) - A Bachelor degree with 3 years of work experience - Other degree equivalent to the above (please consult us)
  • Diplôme
    Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication
  • Contenu
    Marketing Induction Seminar
    S. Macé, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, ENSAE, ESSEC

    This seminar will:

        - Remind students of Basics in Marketing. Students will also be reflecting on key issues affecting Marketing and Corporate Strategies
        - Enable students of the Master’s to get to know each other
        - Enable students to meet with alumni

    This seminar is usually organised outside the ESCP-EAP campus.


    Marketing Research
    I. Ulrich, ESCP-EAP Ph.D. candidate; Graduate Degree (DEA) in Management Sciences, ESC Rouen Business School graduate and P. Chappey

    Course Objectives:

        - Understanding the role of marketing research when designing marketing strategies and policies
        - Learning how to use marketing research tools
        - Training students in results analysis and interpretation

    Consumer Behaviour
    E. Tissier Desbordes, DHDR, Doctorat, ESCP and A. Kimmel, Ph.D. Psychology

    Marketing involves the knowledge of consumer needs, wants and desires. To fully understand consumers, it is fundamental to have a precise knowledge about the latest developments in Human Sciences in order to know how individuals are influenced by their personality traits, social recognition or culture in their purchasing decisions.

    Introduction to Strategy
    T. Boudes, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, ESSEC

    Course objectives:

        - Giving the essential tools for strategy
        - Training to strategy analysis
        - Understanding the logic behind strategic decisions
        - Identifying links between strategic decisions and corporate functions

    Law of Marketing and Communication
    N. Sainseaux

    Different themes will be presented during this course, including branding rights, misleading advertising, sales promotion rights, direct marketing rights and consumer rights.

    Product Management
    S. Changeur, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion Ph.D. Maître de Conférences à Paris XII

    Course Objectives:

        - Understanding the job of a Product Manager from a Marketing point of view
        - Identifying and analysing the major components affecting product performance
        - Mastering the analysis of a competition situation, designing marketing strategy and marketing plan


    Brand Management
    S. Changeur, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion Ph.D. Maître de Conférences à Paris XII

    Brands have become a key element in Marketing. This course presents all the major brand theories and examples of strategies of famous brands.

    Innovation and Product Launch
    N. Soussan

    Companies are constantly innovating, but in many cases, new products are not succeeding. This course presents the methods and the different stages needed to conceive and launch new products.

    Marketing Performance
    A. Ollivier, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, HEC and R. Zrihen

    This course aims to present current methods and techniques needed to evaluate the efficiency of marketing operations:

        - Specificity of Marketing Control
        - Marketing Plan and Budget
        - Developing corporate control systems
        - Workshop based on a company’s case; conception of a commercial board

    O. Badot, Docteur en économie des systèmes d’informations, DHDR

    Distribution is a crucial link between consumers and producers. This course shows students how to choose, develop and organise a distribution network. It also enables them to understand corporate name marketing and strategic diagnosis.

    Strategic Marketing Simulation Game
    S. Macé, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, ENSAE, ESSEC and C.Michon, Doctorat d’économie et d’administration des entreprises

    Within a team, students will be at the head of a company’s marketing department. The objective of this simulation is to make the company grow by developing and operating the most appropriate marketing strategies.

    B2B Marketing (in English)
    H. Tikkanen

    Utilizing case studies based on diverse industrial sectors (from aeronautics to construction and energy), this module presents the characteristics of marketing strategies for products and/or services targeting companies.

    International Marketing (in English)
    N. Prime, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, DESCAF, British Chamber of Commerce

    With today’s global economy, the domestic market is usually too small to sustain and grow a company; because of this, companies need to have a broader approach – International or at least European. Throughout this course, students will gain an understanding of internationalisation strategies and their consequences on the marketing mix.

    Service Marketing
    F. Jallat, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, Ph.D. ESSEC

    The ‘Service Marketing’ course teaches students how to discover and put into practice cutting-edge conceptual and professional techniques related to managing service activities. It also encourages the reflection upon service activities, which are a pre-requisite for the success of future entrepreneurs, managers and investors in the service sector.

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    F. Jallat, Doctor in Management Science, Ph.D. ESSEC

    The course aim is to develop a mastery of strategic issues, to be familiar with the techniques and tools to understand the customer in order to offer services which develop customer loyalty; both are essential for the long-term survival and development of the business.

    Effective CRM requires first and foremost the reform of the firm's organisational structure, its information systems, and its marketing approach. The aim is to accelerate the response time to customer demand whatever the chosen distribution channel.


    Communication, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing
    S. Macé, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, ENSAE, ESSEC

    Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion are part of the first two expenditure centers of communication. This course presents the different techniques and strategies developped by producers and distributors.

    Public Relations, Corporate and Financial Communication
    Catherine Grandcoing

    This course is organized around conferences with professionals, agencies and advertisers.

    Publicity, Media-Planning and Advertising creation
    B. Heilbrunn

    Developing advertising strategies, preparing a brief, writing a copy strategy. All of these elements are present in today’s advertising agencies and will be covered in the course. Later on, students will learn how to evaluate creative executions, analyze a copy strategy and implement the techniques of media-planning. The course is completed by a competition between agencies. Formed by different teams, each agency will have to present their strategic advertising recommendations. The best one winning the pitch.

    Media Seminar
    C. Grandcoing

    For the duration of one week, experts in media will present the characteristics of the five major media: press, TV, radio, poster and cinema. Students and professionals will then discuss key figures, different career opportunities, media-planning, media stakes and future trends.


    Dolores Torres, comédienne, consultante and coach, RBG France, Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique de Paris and Jean-Pierre RAYMOND de RIVAROLA, Directeur Général du Rivarola Business Group

    In order to develop self-confidence and efficiency, this training puts students into situations which help them to know and manage themselves better.

    Business Presentation
    O. Badot, Docteur en économie des systèmes d’informations, DHDR

    An effective manager knows how to present their case and convince others of its merit. The objectives of the ‘Business Presentation’ course are to:

        - Improve written presentation skills (content, structure, slide presentation, etc)
        - Improve oral presentation skills (time and space management, animation, inflection, etc)

    Recruitment process : from selection to interview
    T. Jouslin De Noray, Marketing Director, Qualipse and C. Lehmann, in charge of Recruitment, Société Générale

    After this seminar, which makes extensive use of classroom discussion and case study, the participants will have mastered the phases of the recruitment process (CV, personal interview, group interview, recruitment tests). A personalized approach to the topic ensures that each participant acquires the knowledge and skills needed to reach his personal and professional goals.

    Professional Thesis
    S. Macé, Docteur ès Sciences de Gestion, ENSAE, ESSEC

    When it comes to presenting a thesis, report or research study, students need to employ a rigorous written and oral approach. This course teaches students how to develop the methodological and operational aspects of their professional thesis.


    Students select 6 options from a choice of 14. These one-day courses tackle specific themes in marketing such as:

        - Luxury Marketing
        - Design
        - Food Marketing
        - Réunion de groupes (How to conduct a group reunion)
        - Sociology of tendencies
        - Supply Chain Management
        - Inter Cultural Management
        - Patronage and Sponsoring
        - Merchandising
        - Negotiation
        - Marketing and sustainable development
        - Category management
        - How to be an innovative Manager
        - Marketing in the sport industry


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