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Specialized Master in Media Management

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Commentaire sur Specialized Master in Media Management - Présentiel - 11ème - Popincourt - Paris

  • Objectifs
    The programme’s objective is to prepare students for a career in the media professions in the fields of applied media management, information management, journalism, film/television production, or on-line/off-line multimedia production. This full-time programme lasts 12 months. It starts in September of every year and is organised in the following way: - 6 months of full-time coursework - end of September until the end of March - A company placement of at least 4 months starting in April - An international seminar lasting between one and two weeks - A professional thesis
  • Dirigé à
    Eligible applicants must hold a master's degree (research or professional) in fine arts, architecture, engineering, management, public administration, political science, humanities or in any other field. This requirement may be waived for applicants with non-traditional backgrounds and those who demonstrate exceptional qualities and skills. In accordance with standards set by the French “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, such applicants must not exceed 30% of admitted students per year. The following degrees are required for eligibility (in fields such as engineering, management, medecine, architecture, humanities ... ): - A "Grande Ecole" degree - A Master's degree (five years of study) - A Post-graduate degree (over 5 years) - A Bachelor degree with 3 years of work experience - Other degree equivalent to the above (please consult us)
  • Diplôme
    Specialized Master in Media Management
  • Contenu
    The programme’s coursework is based on both theory and real-life application.
    Full-time ESCP-EAP faculty and media professionals alternate theoretical teaching with applied approaches in traditional classes, colloquia, business cases, cultural seminars, “Press Club” breakfasts, etc.

    Main areas covered:

        - Journalistic Techniques
        - Media Management Principles
        - Applied Management
        - Television and new media management
        - Fundamentals of the Movie Business
        - Film production & distribution
        - Seminars

        - Journalistic Techniques

            - Reporting techniques
            - Documentary techniques
            - Newspaper: creation and conception
            - Broadcast journalism
            - Press review
            - Audio media (radio)
            - Print media techniques

        - Media management principles

            - Introduction to Marketing
            - Marketing for Print Media
            - Introduction to Corporate Finance
            - Financial Management for Print Media
            - Introduction to Author's rights
            - Introduction to Management
            - Introduction to Business Strategy
            - Basic Accounting

       - Applied Management

            - Media management and synthesis cases
            - Public law applied to media
            - Private law applied to media

        - Television and new media management

            - Fundamentals of fiction TV production
            - Economics of commercial television
            - Theory of new media & new communication channels

        - Fundamentals of the Movie Business

            - Economics of the film industry
            - Scriptwriting
            - Picture analysis
            - The DVD industry: operations & challenges
            - Private financing of film projects

        -  Film production & distribution

            - International programmes market – distribution
            - Production of feature films – Economics of scenario
            - US / French production system
            - Film production: from Day 1 of shooting to distribution
            - Film production: innovation, distribution and promotion

        - Seminars

            - EPM ( business game )
            - Hosting & scheduling / meetings with professionals
            - TV Production
            - Entrepreneurship
            - Theory of new media & new communication channels
            - Case study: Elle magazine
            - M&A in the media sector

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